Product Development

There are a wide variety of products that EHS Global Solutions can manufacture from Waste. EHS has patented solutions from waste to product and has strength and depth within the organization with over 50 patented products, these patents ensures that all products created are fit for purpose, meet the latest advancements in construction methods and meet all of the necessary ISO standards.

EHS Global Solutions also have the patent to convert used tyres to oil reducing the world dumping grounds and producing a recyclable product for the future of our planet.

Our in house R & D allows us to continue our development for future solution.

Process Development

EHS Global Solutions has developed through our scientists efficient and economic Recycling Solutions to the following waste streams, processes that are currently being used by major conglomerates such as ICI

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Selected Commercial Waste
  • Rubber and Used Tyres to Oil & Electricity
  • All types of Plastic
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
  • WEEE Recycling
  • Landfill Mining & Recovery to Green Field
  • Sewerage Treatment
  • Energy Production and Green Fuel Technologies

EHS Global Solutions are committed to investing significant resources into the research of environmental technologies to ensure that EHS and associated companies remains at the forefront of the industry and innovation, and that we operate within and further strengthen our relationship with our clients.

Construction products

There are many construction products that can be created from waste;

  • Stone and Wood effect Cladding;
  • Fencing;
  • Roof Tiles;
  • Non-slip Floor Tiles;
  • Insulation board;
  • Waste Bricks;
  • Oil
  • Carbon Black
  • Syngas
  • Electricity